The KAISR is great for those long hiking trips, hanging out at the beach or the park, sunbathing in your backyard… or at your favorite outdoor festival! Regardless of where you are or when you need a little “you” time to rejuvenate yourself, the KAISR is the absolute best thing to have with you. It’s lightweight, extremely comfortable and a snap to set-up and use.You only need two scoops of air and you’re ready for relaxation. No external pump needed!

The KAISR Original™ can be used on any surface such as grass and sand. Don’t worry, the surface of the ground doesn’t have to be perfectly smooth or soft. The KAISR Original™ can also endure rougher surfaces such as those with (small) rocks,  or hard pavement. KAISR Original deflates within seconds, so you never have to struggle again to deflate your KAISR Original.